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Here is the ultimate Emergency Preparedness Plan

Have the kids do it, the family will follow.

Working in Emergency Preparedness for many years, we asked groups of adults, "How many of you are prepared at home to sustain you and your family for 3 days in the event that something bad happens?" The answer was, about 1 out of 15 people, which gave me pause. I was in a very unique position, I work for a very prestigious family theme park. I would see thousands of families every day and noticed all the children, which got me thinking.

I thought back to when I was a child. When my neighborhood friends and I wanted to do something that was helpful, like raise money for charity. I remember that our parents were very supportive and often joined in. With those fond memories, I came up with an idea for a emergency preparedness book that would instruct children on how to get their family prepared for an emergency or disaster. This would not be your normal children's book with games, puzzles and coloring pages about emergencies. I wanted the children to be immersed in the involvement of creating their families emergency plan. I wrote it so not frighten them but make it fun with useful projects that would allow them to understand what they were accomplishing and why it was important. As I began writing it, I realized that Mom and Dad's involvement would be very important so I made sure that they were included. I wrote a Parent's section at the beginning of every chapter, guiding them through the assignments that the kids were about to do and how to assist them. The book is entitled, "It's Fun to be Prepared!"  

I soon realized that this idea was more than just a book. I needed the kids and parents to take the first step in being prepared at home. I now created the It's Fun to be Prepared! of the month club. 


Have your KIDS join the "It's Fun to be Prepared!" Of The Month Club or give them the gift that keeps them prepared for an emergency. 

The subscription's first month consists of a copy of our book, "It's Fun to be Prepared!" and a Child Size "It's Fun to be Prepared!" Backpack (our stock number) so they can start their own Go-Kit. 

Various packages are offered -

Our Basic Package
3 months (first month book and bag + 2 more months of Emergency Supplies) $62

Our Organized Package
6 months (first month book and bag + 5 more months of Emergency Supplies) $99

Our Ready Package
9 months (first month book and bag + 8 more months of Emergency Supplies) $145

Our Preparedness Package
12 months (first month book and bag + 11 more months of Emergency Supplies) $185

Below is a sampling of each months items shipped following the their first month's Go-Back and book:

January It's Fun to be Prepared (IFTBP) Umbrella
February Crayons, Coloring book, Playing cards 
March FTBP T-Shirt 
April IFTBP Address book with Important Contacts
May Battery Radio
June IEmergency Blanket, Whistle and Poncho
July Water & Protein Bar 
August First Aid Kit
September IFTBP Flashlight w/ Batteries
October IFTBP Water Bottle & water purifier
November IFTBP Calendar & emergency wrench
December IFTBP Basball Cap with Lantern
 (My Magical Book Store has the right to change the items listed without notice due to the unavailability of any item)

Orders for additional subscriptions.

Please place a separate order for each person that you are subscribing for. Include the name and address of receiver, in the ship to section. 

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