"It's Fun to be Prepared!" the Kid's Closet Go-Bag

Byron Snyder Productions

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Go-Bag Only - Be prepared at home with our kid's "It's Fun to be Prepared!" Closet Go-Bag. Help you kids be prepared for an emergency. Fill this backpack with spare clothes, books, games, any medication, spare glasses, stuff toy, and a small first-aid kit in the event that the whole family needs to evacuate your home in a hurry. Store the filled Go-Bag in their closet so they can quickly get to it and leave. Every family member needs a Go-kit or Closet Go-Bag. 

NOTE: We are not promoting this as a school backpack. It's purpose is to fill it with supplies that a child would need in the event of an emergency. Things like a spare set of clothes, shoes, flashlight, blanket, favorite toys, juice pouch, healthy snack bars, and any medications. This is meant to be their personal Go-Bag.

Based on the book, "It's Fun to be Prepared!", this yellow canvas Closet Go-Bag is easy to find. Our emergency agents, Butch and Droops from the cartoon strip, The Bowser Boys, are displayed on the Closet Go-Bag. 

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