Who are The Bowser Boys?

Who are The Bowser Boys?

Well this goes back to when I wanted to do animation. Back in the 80s, I was trying to create a group of characters that reflect my childhood. At the same time I wanted the characters to be branded and be able to spin off licensed products that would sell easily in a theme park environment, say perhaps hats. This is why the two man characters wear their signature hats. Each character has a distinct personality. Butch is the strong Bulldog leader and Droops is the backwoods, kind of goofy bloodhound. They inseparable best friends. Butch always watches out for Droops and tries to keep him out of trouble with little or no success.

They first appeared in a comic strip in a small new merchant tabloid, The Valley Merchant in Concord, California in May of 1985.


That same year I had costumes made and they appeared live at a shopping center and at their very own kiddie matinee at a local theater.

And now they have their own book,

It's Fun To Be Prepared! is an emergency preparedness book not only for children but the whole family. It teaches the whole family what to do in a fire, earthquake and flood. It tells you how to make a plan, a home emergency kit, and a neighborhood plan. The kids will love making the house safe.

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