The World's Funniest Cookbook

The World's Funniest Cookbook

I just love to cook. When my kids were younger and still at home, weekends was my time to whip up those meals that were created on the grill. Of course the holidays allowed my sneak in the kitchen and help out the wife. I would often be asked to make dinner when the wife was not feeling well. No problem, I 'd whip out me favorite recipes and go to town. As the kids turned into teenagers and eating us out of house and home, I would often pitch in offering my opinion and expertise on that evening's meal. Later on, my wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and making dinner was a real chore. Now we had a role reversal, when I came home from work, I was the chef and my wife was the helper. It's been that way for the last 20 years, and I love it. It allow me to expand on a hobby and become a fairly good chef. I wanted to share my favorite recipes with everyone so I wrote Cookin's No Joke. To make my cookbook stand out from the others, I added some great kitchen humor that I have also collected. Today, I am collecting more of delicious recipes and share them on Facebook page, Cookin's No Joke.

I am adding a second Cookin's No Joke cookbook to my collection soon. More great recipes and kitchen humor. Now I have the WORLD'S FUNNIEST COOKBOOK, soon I will have THE SECOND FUNNIEST COOKBOOK IN THE WORLD.

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