The History of the Bowser Boys - Part 4

The History of the Bowser Boys - Part 4

After finishing the book, It's Fun to be Prepared!, I decided to find a way of making a difference. I began to expand their brand. I first created an emergency Go-Bag for the kids closet with their logo on it. I then established a line of emergency supplies to go in the bag, also with their logo on them. Obviously, moving in to short cartoon would be the next move. I created several humorous web cartoons about preparing a survival kit. 

Emergency Water Cartoon

They even have their own web page for emergency preparedness. It's Fun to be Prepared!

Now that they are some what established I will move them out into the entertainment world with their own line of Bowser Boys items like t-shirts, stuffed dolls, comic books and anything else I can come up with. 

One of the things I wanted the most was updated costumes for personal appearances. Well, I finally got them made. 

Who knows how far I can take them. Only time will tell. 

I can look back over the years and can see how much the Bowser Boys have grown. 

 The End (or is this just the beginning?)

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