History of the Bowser Boys - Part 1

History of the Bowser Boys - Part 1

I have always been fond of animated cartoons and films. When I was in college, three college friends asked me if I wanted to go with them to Disneyland. I jumped at the chance to go on a classic vacation without my Mom and Dad. It was an experience that I will never forget. I was a Business Major that year and my mind was racing about Math, Business and Entrepreneurial learnings. To have a vacation to this popular park in the middle of my learning experiences, made it for me, an eye-opening adventure. We spent two days at Disneyland with the thought that on the second day we would each go our own separate way exploring. I was ecstatic about the thought of being on my own.

On that second day, my eyes were open to a business that would forever change my life. When we arrived at the park, standing in Townsquare, we separated. The three other friends headed out for their adventure. I, on the other hand, decide to relax and take in the sites in Townsquare. As I sat on one of the benches, I watched people stream into Disneyland for their day of fun. After a few minutes, my business mind kicked in. I began counting people as they passed under the Train Station. I counted people as they entered for five minutes. Math kicked in and I multiplied that five-minute number by two for each entrance tunnel. Then I multiplied that number by twelve, for each five-minute segment in an hour. I took that number and multiplied it by twelve, for the number of hours the park was to be opened. That total I multiplied it by $12.50 which gave me the total amount of revenue they made on admissions. Once I established the possible revenue from souvenirs and food, I was flooded by the amount money they made in just one day, easily into a million dollars. I knew this is the type of business I would dream to build. But first the challenge was where to start.

I began studying everything I could learn about Walt Disney and how he came to build this fantastic park. I sat in the City Library for hours, reading books on this man’s dreams and the company he built. He was a cartoonist in the beginning and then moved into animation. From there, he started live action films and full-length animated features. Eventually he built his park based on what he had created on film and television.

With that knowledge I decided to follow his lead, so first I was to create a set of cartoon characters. I began to design my cartoon characters. Looking ahead in the future, I needed to figure out how I was to design them that would be useful in the future. As an example, Mickey Mouse. His design was very useful in the park. The Mouse Ears are not only one of the most popular souvenirs but also became a national icon.  

It took me years to figure out how and what they would look like. But in 1980, finally The Bowser Boys were born. Now that they were here, what was I going to do with them.

Continued Part 2

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