Home Preparedness - Part 2

Home Preparedness - Part 2

Home Preparedness - Part 2

Kids Emergency Survival Kit

So, what about the kids? If you think about it, kids can get enthusiastic about most anything. If they are having so much fun, Mom and Dad will usually pitch in and help them whenever they can. When it comes to emergency preparedness, it just seems so hard to get motivated. Yet, if you can get the kids involved and make it fun, they will get whole family involved.

So, I had this idea several years ago, I wrote a book about emergency preparedness for kids. Not the same old coloring book or puzzle preparedness book but an fun instruction book that teaches kids how to be prepared. I did not want it to be like a school text book. I wanted it to be fun. At the beginning of each fun chapter, I gave Mom and Dad a little home work to make sure the kids would have fun doing it. I called it, IT’S FUN TO BE PREPARED! The Fun part is that two cartoon characters, that I created years ago, help with step by step instructions on how to be prepared. Butch and Droops are part of a group of fence-jumping, mischievous cartoon family dogs known as The Bowser Boys.

Now the Bowser Boys’ new book has been out for a couple of years, I wanted to take our slogan, “It’s Fun to be Prepared” to the next level. Starting in April, I am producing a new kid’s preparedness program, The It’s Fun to be Prepared! Of the Month Club. This club will help Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts take the first step on helping kids to be prepared. There is no other program like it around.

Step One they will receive an It’s Fun to be Prepared Backpack to start their own Emergency Survival Go-Bag along with a copy of our “IT’S FUN TO BE PREPARED!” Book.

 My Magical Book Store is proud to announce that
it is the exclusive distributor of the


Our Basic Package
3 months (first month book and bag + 2 more months of Emergency Supplies) $62

Our Organized Package
6 months (first month book and bag + 5 more months of Emergency Supplies) $99

Our Ready Package
9 months (first month book and bag + 8 more months of Emergency Supplies) $145

Our Preparedness Package
12 months (first month book and bag + 11 more months of Emergency Supplies) $185

Below is a sampling of each months items shipped following the their first month's Go-Back and book:

January It's Fun to be Prepared (IFTBP) Umbrella
February Crayons, Coloring book, Playing cards 
March FTBP T-Shirt 
April IFTBP Address book with Important Contacts
May Battery Radio
June Emergency Blanket, Whistle and Poncho
July Water & Protein Bar 
August First Aid Kit
September IFTBP Flashlight w/ Batteries
October IFTBP Water Bottle & water purifier
November IFTBP Calendar & emergency wrench
December IFTBP Basball Cap with Lantern
 (My Magical Book Store has the right to change the items listed
without notice due to the unavailability of any item) 

Orders for additional subscriptions.

Please place a separate order for each person that you are subscribing for. Include the name and address of receiver, in the ship to section. 

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