History of the Bowser Boy - Part 3

History of the Bowser Boy - Part 3

They sat in the dark and dusty bowel of my computer. Over the next decade, I did not touch them. Yet they were always in the back of my mind. I was having financial problems and was concentrating on the different jobs that I was pushing through to, what you mighty say, find myself. Yet, what was my main concern was the well fair of my family. 

During those years, I went through several similar jobs which were complete different from my dream, but at least the family was taken care of. Finally in 1998 my life changed. We moved to Southern California for a new job. I spent 9 months working in the tech industry but may heart was not into it. The one big advantage was I was only miles away from Disneyland. Though I took my family to the park, almost ever other year, this was different. It was nearly 20 years from the time I came to the park with my college buddies. The time that pushed me to be a creative artist and entrepreneur, I had finally returned. 

First thing was I applied for a job at the park. I was hired as a part-time, weekend ride operator. It was a great and entertaining experience. Yet the job that brought me to Anaheim was putting more pressure on me, which forced me to quit working at the park. After a several months, I was force to leave it. That gave me an opportunity to go back to the park for the upcoming summer. Another good paying job just came my way in the tech field. It also forced me to give up the job at Disneyland. After another year, the firm that hired me was sold and my job became a liability and I was let go. 

I turned to my wife and said, "Disney has been there of me every time things a little tight. Maybe I should look at working full-time at the park." She agreed and that started a new adventure that would lead me to reinventing the Bowser Boys.

This time I was working full time in Security. After a few years, I became a Security Trainer, then a Lead Officer and in 2008 I secured a job in Emergency Preparedness. This position gave me the education where I learned all about Emergency Management. My artistic skills led me to create emergency maps, how to conduct emergency drills, and then I wrote and directed 4 the departments full scale mock emergency disaster drills. It was the closest to true film making I had made. 

One of the things that I love was teaching all the employees (Cast Members) how to be prepared for an emergency. Which really got me to thinking. With all the interaction of all the families that visit this iconic park, what can I create that could bring the Bowser Boys out of retirement. 

I finally came up with the idea for a family book about being prepared for an emergency in the home. From that I wrote, It's Fun to be Prepared! A book for children to lead the family charge on home emergency preparedness. 

And now Butch and Droops, The Bowser Boys are reborn and will teach children and their families about emergency preparedness. 

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