For our Disney Fans

For our Disney Fans

We now have expanded our ALL THINGS DISNEY section to include a lot more Disney DVD to include many of Walt's Classic Movies. For those That don't know me, I am a big Disney Fan. I also work at Disneyland and currently run the HistEARions Club for my fellow cast member and Disney employees. We do many screenings and look at the history of the Disneyland Park and Walt's tenure there before he passed on. Our goal is to keep alive Walt and his little park’s legacy. One of the things we like are the movies that Walt made. I am especially fond of those great Fred MacMurray movies.


I was just a youngster when I would go to the afternoon matinees and watch them all. Well now we have them available to all you Disney fans out there. I will be constantly looking for more Disney Classic films for you to collect and enjoy.


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