Staying at Disney

Staying at Disney
Posted by TechyDad on March 16, 2012 under Aloha Friday, Disney, DisneySMMoms, Food

When we go to Disney World, we usually opt for the value resorts, specifically Pop Century.  Sure, the rooms are smaller and they aren’t as nice as the moderate or deluxe resorts, but let’s be honest: How much time do you stay in your room?  If you’re like us, your Disney World room is a place to leave early in the morning and a place to crash in at night.

Given that, we like that we can save some money on the hotel.  That money can be spent on meals or some souvenirs.  Besides, Pop Century is the only place that we can get this:

 Yes, that’s multi-color cheesecake atop red velvet cake.  It’s insanely delicious.  I even replicated it a couple of times.

My question for today is: Do you usually opt for a less expensive room to save money or do you prefer the move lavish rooms when you vacation?

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