How I made a 14 min short movie with no budget.

How I made a 14 min short movie with no budget.
I made the short, THE LITTLE ROSE back a few years ago with literally no money.

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Walt Disney Hometown Museum

Walt Disney Hometown Museum
The Walt Disney Hometown Museum is located in the restored Santa Fe Railroad Depot in Marceline, Missouri. 

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More from the Bowser Boys

More from the Bowser Boys

A Disneyland Icon has left building...

A Disneyland Icon has left building...

After more than 60 years serving up magic and memories at The Happiest Place on Earth, Carnation Café chef Oscar Martinez retired Wednesday, Sept. 27.

Oscar spent his final work day at Disneyland Park soaking up well-wishes from hundreds of Cast Members, including many of the chefs he worked with over the decades. Following a farewell celebration at the Main Street Opera House, the line to greet him stretched around the lobby, as Oscar served up warm smiles, handshakes and hugs one last time. "A lot of people tell me, you're more famous than Mickey Mouse!" he joked.

It was 10 years ago when I officially met Oscar Martinez. I was working the late shift at the Disneyland Resort. At the time, I was a Security officer at a backstage gate when this seemingly regular unassuming man was leaving from his shift. My Security partner remarked to the man as he passing through, carrying a box, "Hey Oscar! What's in the box?"

I did not know who the man was, as cracked open the box to reveal a small statue for his achievement of service with the company. He had just finished his 50th year. I was amazed at the statue's detail. It was a statue of Mickey Mouse sitting on a stool painting a small portrait of this man, know as Oscar. My partner whispered to me, "Oscar is the longest active Cast Member at the Park." I reached over and shook his hand. It was like I was meeting Walt Disney. I was flabbergasted. 

From that day on, Oscar made it a point to shake my hand every time I ran into him. As my career grew at the Resort, I would often stop him back stage and we would quickly talk. We became familiar acquaintances and I would tease him about when he was going to retire. On his 55th anniversary, he told me he was going to retire the following year. Well the following year, I would tease and he would say the same thing, next year. Each year came and went until this year. I was now stunned to hear that his few last days finally upon us. Like many of Cast Member, I went to his retirement celebration with a little sadness in my heart because I will no longing be able to casually visit with him. Yet I was very happy for him to retire and enjoy the last chapter in his life. I made my way through the crowd to see his face light up as he shook my hand for what could be our last time. I knew is Walt would have been very proud of Oscar. 

What I know this man was with no formal cooking experience, Oscar started his career as a busboy at Disneyland’s Fantasy 1 restaurant in 1956, the year after the park opened. Though he never personally spoke to his boss, he previously has said his fondest memory was watching Walt Disney walk up and down Main Street, U.S.A. taking meticulous notes about the theme park.

Over the years, Martinez worked in several roles including teaching employees the “Disney Way” of dressing – at the time, men had short haircuts, no mustaches, shiny shoes and black socks, and there was no makeup for the girls. He later trained employees how to cook on a grill.

In 1967, a manager noticed Martinez’s speed and efficiency and tried him out on the cooking grill at the Carnation Café. It’s at the cafe where Martinez left his most indelible mark.

Disney executives noticed Martinez’s flavorful breakfast potatoes, cooked with butter and green and red peppers, and later put it on the café’s menu.
And know you can have his recipe too!

Oscar says he'll miss the feeling of walking through the Carnation Café door, but promises he'll be back to visit as a Guest. "Every time I come here, it makes me happy … I'm going to miss it."
Oscar also plans to travel, visit with family, and just relax in retirement. Cheers to you, Oscar!

Who is Edward Venture (Ed Venture get it, Adventure)?

Who is Edward Venture (Ed Venture get it, Adventure)?

Edward Venture was born into a very rich family in the 1920's. His father own an Import Company in South Carolina which Edward did not have the desire to participate in. He did grow up to be one of the most respected deep sea salvage captains on the East Coast.  

Edward Venture

Handsome and adventurous, Edward had survived many dangerous yet profitable jobs. The one job that would change is life forever was the Curse of the Sultan's Treasure. 

His journey takes him to a world of magical possibilities and evil villains. One of those villains is Salvatore Santana, a pirate and Edward's nemesis. He also finds love in the mysterious woman who hires him to find the treasure, Marie Le Bonnet.


Oh yes, did we mention the Genie? Yes there is a Genie guarding the sunken treasure. You will need to read this fanciful story of Edward, Marie and the Genie, in my book, The Curse of the Sultan's Treasure available everywhere. 



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A Great Disneyland Deal!

A Great Disneyland Deal!

Here is one deal you can not pass up if you are planning a trip to The Happiest Place on earth.

We have combined two wonderful books at one great price. Add these to your Disney Collection or start collecting them now. 

One day, Walt Disney jumped into his car and took a journey that ended in open farmland filled with fresh air and the sweet smell of orange blossoms in Anaheim. He had found a place where he would build his magical park. Now he needed a hotel to go along with his park

This edition is devoted to the years 1954 to 1959 from the details surrounding the initial talks with Walt & Roy Disney and Jack Wrather to the many additions and expansions to the building of the Disneyland Hotel in its pre-Tower configuration. Filled with over 300 photographs and beautifully designed with 50’s period graphics and design.

PLUS - From the publisher of The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland comes The Disneyland Story: The Unofficial Guide to the Evolution of Walt Disney's Dream, the story of how Walt Disney's greatest creation was conceived, nurtured, and how it grew into a source of joy and inspiration for generations of visitors. Despite his successors' battles with the whims of history and their own doubts and egos, Walt's vision maintained momentum, thrived, and taught future generations how to do it Walt Disney's way.

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How things are working out for my online business.

How things are working out for my online business.

First I wanted to thank all of the people that has helped me expand my online store, My Magical Book Store. A big thanks to all those on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter., You have been a loyal following over the past year and a half. I am still working hard towards expanding my business and thought this would be a good time to say “Thank you!”

I thought it would be a good time to tell my story. It all started years ago, when I had a dream. I wanted to create a business that help me market my writings, which included novels and several screenplays.

Over the last decade, as most of you know, I have been working for Disneyland in the Emergency Preparedness department. At the Resort, I also started a Cast Member (employee) Club called the HistEARions Club, dedicated to the History of Walt Disney and his little theme park, Disneyland. Over the last seven years that little club has grown to be a great Disneyland Club with a growing attendance that attend our fun and informational historical programs.

While creating the events for my club, I have met many Disney historians that lent their talents to the club’s programs. One of these historians is Donald Ballard, who wrote several books about the original Disneyland Hotel that was owned, not by Walt Disney, but by oil man Jack Wrather. Don and I struck up a business relationship which allowed me to help sell and distribute his books. This led me into selling his books online, which soon turned into a small online store. I quickly expanded the store to include my 5 books that I was also promoting. As I continued to sell his high demand books and promoted my books, I soon started to sell items that would complement my books, like cookware for my cookbook and emergency supplies for my family emergency preparedness book.

This all brought more items that I considered fun to sell. I was at the point that I wanted to increase the number of buying customers, so I needed to increase my web traffic. I knew that if I could increase my traffic that would trigger my search engine ranking along with a few other tweaks to the site’s SEO. I did not want to spend a ton of money on this in the beginning so I looked for FREE web-traffic sites. Many claimed to be free but mostly I end up spending a few dollars here and there to get the kind of traffic I wanted. It was great but it did not get me where I wanted to be. I soon ran into a company that would give thousands of hits for free and I wanted to acknowledge them for a great opportunity. So if you’re looking to increase your web traffic give them a try. Go to for their information. 

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This recipe is NO JOKE!

This recipe is NO JOKE!

Here is one of my favorite recipes. It will probably be in my next COOKIN'S NO JOKE! book.

Quick and Tasty Veggie Chow Mein

2 tablespoons Oil
1/2 cup chicken broth
2 tablespoons Oyster Sauce
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1 tablespoon Grated Fresh Ginger
4 tablespoons chopped green onions
1 cup diced celery
2 cups of assort. vegetables, of your choice (oriental, carrots, water chestnuts, etc.)
½ of a package of Chow Mein noodles boiled and drained (approx 6 oz.)
1 cup of bean sprouts 

Mix chicken broth, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, ginger and cornstarch in a small bowl. Set aside.

In a Wok or deep fry pan brown onions in hot oil, add celery and other veggies and stir fry.

Add Chow Mein noodles and bean sprouts.

Pour broth mixture over veggies in wok. Simmer for 3- 5 minutes until thick. If mixture is too thick add addition chicken broth to thin it out.


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All-in-one Sunglasses

All-in-one Sunglasses

BE THE FIRST to own a pair of Polarized Camera Sunglasses
Hot new product -  with Bluetooth/Speaker/Video/Photo/Music and Phone call capabilities.


  • These sunglasses come with a Full HD 1080P camera which offers high speed and high-resolution video quality. A 142° wide angle provides you wider angle of view.
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    Kevin Anthony "Moochie" Corcoran – a Disney Fan Favorite

    Kevin Anthony "Moochie" Corcoran – a Disney Fan Favorite

    Between 1956 and 1960, Kevin Corcoran played several different (but similar) characters, each bearing the nickname Moochie. Although he was never a Mouseketeer, Corcoran appeared in three Mickey Mouse Club serials, beginning with Adventure in Dairyland, where he played Moochie McCandless, a farmer's son. This was the first of Corcoran's many Disney credits. He soon returned, as Montgomery (Moochie) O'Hara, in two Spin and Marty serials, The Further Adventures of Spin and Marty and The New Adventures of Spin and Marty.

    Corcoran appeared in a Mouseketeer outfit with the name Moochie across his chest - once. In Disneyland: The Fourth Anniversary Show (1957), "Mouseketeer" Moochie repeatedly badgers Walt Disney for information about Zorro. Also on the fourth anniversary show, aired on September 11, 1957, segments were shown of Rainbow Road to Oz, a live-action film about characters in the Land of Oz. Inspired by L. Frank Baum's Oz books, the film was to star some of the Mouseketeers, including Darlene Gillespie as Dorothy and Annette Funicello as Ozma, as well as Tommy Kirk and Corcoran.
    Continuing his fictional Moochie roles, Corcoran played Montgomery "Moochie" Daniels in the 1959 Disney film The Shaggy Dog. He also starred as Moochie Morgan in Moochie of the Little League (1959) and Moochie of Pop Warner Football (1960), both for the Disney anthology series. Character actor Russ Conway played his father.
    In each iteration, Moochie likes to hang out with the older "guys" (big brother Wilby in The Shaggy Dog, the title characters in Spin and Marty), and hates being treated like the little kid he is. His determination to emulate elder peers despite adult warnings (swimming, helping Wilby, even switch-hitting) frequently gets him in trouble, but Moochie's bravado always returns soon afterward. Film writer Donald Liebenson has called Corcoran's character "part All-American boy and part hellion."
    Corcoran appeared in numerous Disney projects (and a handful of non-Disney ones) without the Moochie name. He starred as Toby, an orphan who runs off to join the circus, in Toby Tyler, or Ten the only two theatrical films in which Corcoran had the lead roles. Important co-starring roles include the following:
    • Old Yeller (1957) - younger son Arliss Coates
    • The Shaggy Dog (1959) - Moochie Daniels
    • The Rabbit Trap (1959) - Duncan Colt
    • Goliath II (1960) - Goliath II
    • Pollyanna (1960) - Pollyanna's friend, orphan Jimmy Bean
    • Swiss Family Robinson (1960) - youngest son Francis Robinson
    • Daniel Boone (1960 Disney miniseries) - son James Boone
    • Toby Tyler (1960) - Toby Tyler
    • Babes in Toyland (1961) - nursery rhyme character Boy Blue
    • Aquamania (1961) - Goofy, Jr.
    • Bon Voyage! (1962) - younger son Skipper Willard
    • The Mooncussers (1962 Disney TV) - Jonathan Feather
    • Johnny Shiloh (1963 Disney TV) - Union Army drummer (later sergeant) Johnny Lincoln Clem
    • Savage Sam (1963) - Arliss Coates again
    • A Tiger Walks (1964) - Tom Hadley
    • Blue (1968) - Rory Calvin

    Kevin Corcoran and Tommy Kirk played brothers in five films, beginning with 1957's Old Yeller. The other films in this category were The Shaggy Dog (1959), Swiss Family Robinson (1960), Bon Voyage! (1962) and Savage Sam (sequel to Old Yeller, 1963). Fred MacMurray played their father in The Shaggy Dog and Bon Voyage!; Dorothy McGuire played their mother in Old Yeller and Swiss Family Robinson. In 1961, he did the voice of Goofy Jr. in the animated short Aquamania.
    Kevin Corcoran was honored as a Disney Legend on October 9, 2006. Among the other recipients at the 2006 ceremony were the two lead actors in Corcoran's Spin and Marty serials, Tim Considine and David Stollery, and Corcoran's frequent co-star, Tommy Kirk, himself a veteran of Mickey Mouse Club serials about the Hardy Boys.

    Where is he today?
    Unfortunately Kevin was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at the age of 60, he died of the illness aged 66 on October 6, 2015.

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